Terms and Conditions of Rental

Terms and Conditions of Rental:

When you book an apartment or villa the Guest agrees to the following terms and conditions. Read them carefully because if you do not respect them or break them you can lead to their eviction of the rented property without the right to any refund or refund of paid money. PLEASE NOTE: These terms and conditions may be subject to change as necessary, and must be sent to the guest beforehand.

1. Presentation of Properties to Rent on the Site:

1.1. The ERA - V.R.S.A. helps owners to rent their properties to Guests. The properties available for rent are Apartments, or Houses. Subject to lease is the total property, be it apartment or dwelling, although there may be divisions of this property that are closed to access to the Guests. Each property belongs to different owners. It is not possible to transfer a reservation from one property to another without authorization from the Reservations Department.The lease is made for minimum 7 nights, save rare exceptions placed in appreciation to the reservations Department, and always with the express permission of this.
1.2. Each property, whether villa, apartment, studio or room is in accordance with the photos presented on the website. ERA - V.R.S.A. made every effort to ensure the accuracy contained in the site at the time of its publication. We gladly respond in writing to any question that the Guest may have regarding this matter and which is not clear on the site.
1.3. Normally it is not possible to show the property in loco, because they can be occupied or their keys are not available. On the site there are several photos, a detailed description and the ERA - V.R.S.A. answers all questions you may have about the property in question, in writing.

2. Limitation of Liability:

2.1. ERA - V.R.S.A. accepts no responsibility for defects in furniture, equipment and / or services provided on the rental property. In case of equipment failure, the Guest must notify ERA - V.R.S.A. within 1 day in order for ERA - V.R.S.A. to verify the possibility of correcting the fault.
2.2. ERA - V.R.S.A. does not accept liability on the property of the Guest that has been stolen during the stay in the property or that has been abandoned after the stay. In the event that the property is stolen, the Guest must inform the ERA - V.R.S.A. immediately and the latter will inform the appropriate and competent authorities.
2.3. ERA - V.R.S.A. does not accept any responsibility in case of personal damages and losses in the person of the Guest during the period of the stay.
2.4. A ERA - V.R.S.A. accepts no responsibility for acts or omissions of other agents. These include but are not limited to airlines, travel agencies, car rental agencies, property owners, service providers or service providers.
2.5. The ERA - V.R.S.A. does not accept any responsibility for acts of violence, nature, fire, flood, civil disobedience, or other force majeure that may cause damage to the Guest. In such cases, he shall make every effort to assist the Guest as far as possible.

3. Alternative Accommodation:

3.1. In the unlikely event that ERA - V.R.S.A. Is unable to provide the accommodation requested by the Guest, it will seek to provide alternative accommodation of type, price and similar location. If the alternative accommodation is not accepted by the Guest, the total amount paid by the Guest will be refunded.

4. Booking and Cancellation:

4. 1. To guarantee accommodation, the Guest must make a reservation:

    1. To make a reservation the Guest must make the partial payment of the stay in the amount of 50% of the value of the total stay.
A reservation of a property only becomes effective once the reserve value has come into our possession. The ERA - V.R.S.A. will make a temporary Pre-reservation, whose time lapse will be indicated in the Pre-reservation email. It results from the failure of the Guest to send the Proof of Payment, the assumption by ERA - V.R.S.A. That it has not been done, thus leaving the Pre-reservation canceled.

4. 2. If the Guest is forced to cancel their reservation, the Guest must send an Email to ERA - V.R.S.A.. The date of dispatch will be used to account for the refund.
4. 3. Cancellation rules:

    1. Until 31 days of the date of arrival: a refund of the reservation value will be made deducted of € 50.00 for administrative expenses, if the reservation is compensated    by    another Guest.

5. Change of Reserves:

5.1. It is possible to change dates of a reservation if the same property is available in the new period of stay at the time of the request, having to be validated by the Reservation Department, taking into account the value / damage issues of the Owner.
5.2. It is also possible to enter a date prior to the initial reservation, if the property is available, provided that the Guest informs the ERA - V.R.S.A. up to 7 (seven) days before the new arrival date.
5.3. The number of people per property reserved can be changed according to the following situations:
5.3.1. It is possible to add guests, within the capacity of the property presented on the website, only upon express request for such.
5.3.2. It is possible to reduce the number of guests.
6. Security Deposit:

6.1. To cover any damage caused by the Guest on the property or its filling such as floor, walls, windows or doors; furniture, equipment, bed linen, bath, carpets, tables, lamps, utensils or keys, we require a variable security deposit and stated in writing in each booking information.
6.2. This security deposit will be delivered in cash upon entry into the apartment and after joint inspection of the property, to identify possible damages. For the first 24 hours, you should identify and report others that were not visible on this first observation.
6.3. The security deposit will be returned to the Guest in the period of 0 to 7 days after inspection and departure of the Guest, in its entirety if the property has been properly used, for the purposes for which it is intended, that the operation of the equipment complies of the entrance, that the cleaning has been carried out conveniently and throughout the stay, that the furniture does not present damages and that no damage is imputed to the Guest.
6.4. If damages are caused by the Guest, the security deposit will be returned after the departure after deducting the costs. As these have to be evaluated, the rest will be returned 7 to 30 days after departure. For this purpose you must provide a bank account for this transfer.
6.5. In situations where the damage to the property or its filling exceeds the value of the deposit, ERA - V.R.S.A. will invoice the Guest with this excess and the Guest will agree to this payment. In the event that the Guest fails to pay this payment, ERA - V.R.S.A. reserves the right to exert all legal efforts at its disposal to obtain the missing sum on the part of the Guest and costs therefrom.
6.6. The Guest agrees that he may deduct the appropriate amounts from the Security Deposit to cover:

   1. No return of keys
   2. Loss or breakage of property filling pieces
   3. Damage to property, stuffing and equipment
   4. When the use of the property by a number of Guests exceeds the maximum capacity of said property.

7. Check-in and Check-out (in and out):

7.1. The Guest must inform the ERA - V.R.S.A. of the expected time of his arrival.
7.2 The Check-in will be made from 16h.
7.2.1. Upon check-in, the property is inspected together and the operating instructions of the equipment as well as the rules of the house are duly explained to the Guest, if he so requests.
7.2.2. Check-in must be paid in cash:

   1. The remainder of the total rent, security deposit and any other charges previously reported when applicable, such as internet rate or parking levy. Alternatively the Guest can transfer this amount up to one week before entering the property, informing in writing that he did so and proceeding to send the respective Payment Proof.

7.3. Check-out will be made until 10am.
7.3.1. Upon check-out the property must be delivered with a cleaning degree similar to that found by the Guest upon check-in. Bedding, towels and other textiles need not however be returned washed. In particular, ERA - V.R.S.A. requests the following points:

   1. Do not leave trash inside the property.
   2. Do not leave debris in the refrigerator, oven or microwave.
   3. Plates, pans or other kitchen utensils and tableware used should be left washed.
   4. All furniture and equipment should be left in their original place.

8. Your Stay at the Property:

8.1. The Guest is naturally allowed to receive sporadic visits during their stay, which must be communicated. However it is not allowed to accommodate other people during the period of stay, other than those initially agreed upon in the reservation, nor that the visitors make constant use of the accommodation.
8.2. Most properties are integrated into residential areas, so it is very important to respect the neighborhood particularly regarding to noise. This is not allowed between 22:00 and 07:00 on the property and in public spaces. You can, in case of disrespect, cause the eviction of the guest, without restitution of values.
8.3. Internet, cable television, electricity, water or gas may be unavailable during the stay due to problems that are beyond the reach of both ERA - V.R.S.A. and owners. It is also possible that the Internet service is not compatible with your computer, operating system, or other equipment. In these situations neither ERA - V.R.S.A.. nor the owner can be held responsible for any losses or expenses incurred by the Guest. On properties where there is Wi-Fi, this system may not be compatible with your computer or your equipment may have difficulty accessing this service on a regular basis. It is not the responsibility of ERA - V.R.S.A., If the Wi-Fi signal is weak or does not work according to the expectations of the Guest.
8.4. The Guest is not allowed to repair or replace any damage it has caused to the Property. In such cases, the Guest must contact ERA - V.R.S.A. in order to repair or replace the damage. The amounts will be deducted from the Security Deposit.
8.5. The contract must be respected, and it is prohibited to use the property in illegal activities in accordance with Portuguese law. The use is limited to the purpose for which it is intended.
8.6. No pets are allowed on properties.
8.7. Smoking is not allowed inside the property.
8.8. ERA - V.R.S.A. It does not have a 24 hour reception, so please be advised that any contact must be made within working hours, except in cases of emergency.
8.9. The Guest who breaks these Terms and Conditions will be evicted without any place to any refund of money already paid.

9. Reservation:

9.1.To make a reservation you must send an email with request to info@forrentinalgarve.com, or directly through the website www.forrentinalgarve.com.

10. Privacy Policy:
The client/tenant gives to your full and conscious consent to digital archiving and processing of their personal data and identity documents, strictly to your rental process, purchase or sale of property, and These will not be subject to any transmission or disclosure for any other purpose without your permission.

11.Municipal Tourist Tax:
The Tourist Rate Regulation in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António was published in the Official Gazette of 26 October 2018 and entered into force on 19 November. However, the rate was charged  effectively on the 1st December 2018.
The tourist tax focuses on tourists who visit Vila Real de Santo António and who spend the night in the County´s housing units, per person, per night of stay, up to a maximum of seven nights per stay, being liquidated along with the invoice.
The tourist tax is applicable in all types of accommodation.

Price List:

Children up to 10 years-Free;
Children until 13 years old-Pay 50% up to a maximum of €3.50;
Over 13 years €1.00 per person per night, up to a maximum of €7.00.